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EMK Core Business

Eco Management Korea provides all services related to the collection and treatment of waste and supplies low-cost energy to
local communities.

Industrial waste
Industrial waste
EMK strives to minimize environmental
impact and collect resources by applying
optimized eco-friendly waste treatment
processes according to the type and
harmfulness of waste.
EMK processes wastewater discharged
from consumption and industrial activities
in an eco-friendly way.
Renewable energy
Renewable energy
EMK provides steam, hot water, and electricity
by collecting and generating energy from waste
incineration heat and realizes corporate
management in resource circulation by changing
waste oil into utilizable refined oil.


EMK leads sustainable growth, creating future value with
subsidiaries through waste treatment total solutions and
eco-friendly energy production.

  • 신대한정유산업

    general waste, hazardous waste,
    sludge, wastewater,
    refined oil, waste oil, steam

  • 한국환경개발

    general waste, hazardous waste,
    asbestos, steam

  • 비노텍

    general waste, hazardous waste, sludge,
    asbestos, steam, hot water, electricity

  • 다나에너지 솔루션

    general waste, hazardous waste,
    sludge, steam

  • 이엠케이승경

    general waste, sludge, electricity

  • 그린에너지

    Waste oil / refined oil

ECO Management Korea

ECO Management Korea

3E: Environment ∙ Energy ∙ Earth

Eco Management Korea is an investment company established by the
management of domestic waste companies based on capital from the
largest private equity fund in Korea. Beyond the operation of existing
regional facilities, the company runs six subsidiaries in the country,
which acquired 100% of shares through our structural management
system and facility investment, and provides total service for waste treatment.

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