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Industrial waste

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Waste asbestos

Asbestos fragments in the process of
demolishing asbestos are finally treated in the
reclamation site after cement solidification,
which is one of intermediate treatment methods
(solidification without concerns over fluttering
as cement and asbestos crumbles are mixed).

Measures for removal

ㆍRequest for permission (submitting the document to the chief of the regional labor agency in charge)
    - Demolition of asbestos: Plan for removal tasks and documents regarding removal facilities and protective gear
    - Documents on methods for demolishing and preventing asbestos from scattering.


Sanitary equipment, sound pressure device, air quality measurement device, pollution removal facility HEPA vacuum cleaner, and negative pressure dust removing devices and ventilation devices

Procedure of treatment

  • Waste asbestos –
    original shape (reclamation)

    Crumbs (solidification)

  • Quantity of asbestos

    Analysis result

  • Consignment

  • Waste transport vehicle

    (Collection and transportation
    by registered vehicle for asbestos)

  • Original shape

    (reclamation on the site)

  • Solidification of cement

    (Intermediate treatment)

  • Solidified asbestos
    Transport to the
    reclamation site

  • Treatment in the
    reclamation site

    (Final treatment)

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