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a holding company operating six subsidiaries, including Shindaehan Refined Fuel Co.,
Korea Environmental Development, Vinotec, EMK Seung Kyung,
DANA Energy Solution, and Green Energy. These subsidiaries,
which used to be individually operated, are now being operated and
managed in an integrated way. This not only enhances management efficiency
but also expands business sectors through continuous investment in
facilities and new businesses.

EMK와 6개 계열사는 신기술 개발에 대한 연구와 투자를 통해 더욱 환경 친화적으로 폐기물을 처리하고 저비용 에너지를 공급함으로써 지역사회 발전과 환경보호에 공헌하도록 하겠습니다.

EMK will continuously fulfill its role as a holding company by
ensuring professional business strategies and management support for subsidiaries, as well as finding investment opportunities
for prospective business.