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Introduction of EMK

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모든 환경폐기물을 원스톱 솔루션으로 처리할 수 있는 환경에너지 선도 기업 EMK입니다.
Eco Management Korea is The keyword for EMK business is
"Waste to Energy."
an investment company established by the management of
domestic waste companies based on capital from the largest
private equity fund in Korea. Beyond the operation of existing
regional facilities, the company runs six subsidiaries in
the country, which acquired 100% of shares through our
structural management system and facility investment,
and provides total service for waste treatment
Through advanced facilities and excellent technology, we collect and
incinerate industrial waste in an eco-friendly way. By using heat in the
process, the company produces steam, hot water, and electricity,
which supply low-cost energy to local communities.
We contribute to environmental protection by treating all kinds of waste
in an eco-friendly manner, such as sludge, waste acid, waste alkali,
wastewater, and waste asbestos.
Company Information
Company Name Eco Management Korea
Holdings Inc.
CEO Hyunho Cho
Date of Incorporation June 17, 2010 Address (03152) LEEMA Building, 3FL, 42, Jong-ro 1-gi,
Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
Office +82-2-6930-6105